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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Letters of Madame

Elizabeth Charlotte, Princess Palatine
Known as "Madame" 

A voice cut though fog of the twelve year old’s sleep.

Come, I need you.”

What, thought the girl sleepily as she stirred on the blue satin armchair in front of a roaring fire, was her beloved grandmother doing in Paris? 


It was not Grand’Mere’s voice, but rather the urgent tone of the Duchess of Orleans’s that caused the young-lady-in waiting to jump up quickly.   

The Duchess was Elizabeth Charlotte..  Born a German princess she had married the brother of the French King Louis XIV over thirty years ago. Now a widow, she was called “Madame” as a sign of respect.


Rachille, one of Madame’s pug dogs had been asleep on Henrietta’s lap. He slid down her green silk brocade dress and landed like a fat tortoise of its back.  He rolled over, flapped his ears violently and grumbled in indignation as he waddled over to his smiling mistress.

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